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Beat Jet lag
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Audio length: 81 minutes (4 tracks)
Author: <a href="">Sarah McCrum</a>

Rebalance your energy fast and overcome the symptoms of jet lag after long-haul travel.

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Rebalance your energy fast and overcome the symptoms of jet lag after long-haul travel.

Are you looking for fast natural relief from the symptoms of jet lag?

When you’re jet lagged there’s only one thing you really care about.

As your head gets heavier and your eyes are dropping you’ve given up all hopes of adapting to the new time zone. Your body is aching to get into bed and stay there.

Or you’re wide awake in the middle of the night, knowing that you will be exhausted again tomorrow, there is only one thing you need – to fall asleep NOW.

If you’re interested in the causes of jet lag there are plenty of websites that will give you that information. It is not repeated here.

But if you’re interested in feeling better FAST stay here for a few more minutes.

Beat Jet lag is a simple programme of audio downloads that will give you instant relief from the symptoms of jet lag. All you need to do is listen, relax and let them work their magic on you.

They are based on sound and well proven theory, but the most important thing you need to know right now is that they make a difference – and there is no risk in using them.

How does it help?

When you’re jet lagged your energy levels are disrupted and become out of balance. That’s why you can be wide awake and full of energy in the middle of the night and exhausted during the day.

When your energy is unbalanced you are also affected emotionally. You may experience strong negative feelings during the week after long haul travel that seem very real until you realise they are simply caused by jet lag.

When you recharge your energy it naturally rebalances at the same time. Imagine plugging yourself into a human battery charger that makes you function normally again – in the new time zone.

That’s what’s happening in this programme. When you listen to any of the recordings you’re led to relax in a way that recharges your energy. You emerge feeling more balanced. If it’s time to sleep, you fall asleep naturally. If it’s time to be alert, you feel refreshed and revitalised.

And that’s it. Very simple. Easy to use (even a baby can benefit from listening to the audios).

And it works FAST. Within 20 minutes you will change your state of being and overcome most if not all of the symptoms of jet lag. And if you listen to the recordings every day, before, during and after travel, you can even avoid jet lag all together.